(Schedule is subject to change without notice.)

Hiyoshi Sanno Jinja Shrine festival

(Third Sunday in April)

Shiogama Minato Festival

(Third Monday in July)

The Memorial Ceremony of Hiyokuzuka

(August 6)

Matsushima Ryuutoe Umi-no-Bon(Bon Festiwal of the Sea)

(August 15)

Zuiganji Osegakie(Procession of Buddhist Priests and Ceremony)

(August 16)

Full Moon Festival at Kanrantei

(Evwning hours and performance the weekend closest to the Harvest Moon)

Matsushima Fall Light Up

(Late October - Late November)

Isojima Island Oyster Festival

(November 23)

Zuiganji korin-sama

(December 31)

Matsushima Oyster Festival

(first Sunday in February)

Hotel Name Phone Number Number of Rooms Capacity (People) Remarks
Hotel Matsushima Taikanso 022-354-2161 239 1,169 One of the largest resort hotels in Matsushima with a commanding view of the bay.
Hotel Sohkan 022-354-2181 134 750 All the hospitality that beautiful Matsushima has to offer. Matsushima Hot Springs
Matsushima Ichinobo 022-353-3333 126 465 Watching the sunrise over the bay from our rotenburo (open-air bath) is a truly magnificent experience. Matsushima Hot Springs
Matsushima Century Hotel 022-354-4111 129 456 A seaside hotel located in the heart of Matsushima's coastline. Matsushima Hot Springs
Hanagokoro no Yu Hotel Shintomi 022-354-5377 47 282 Enjoy rotenburo outdoor baths scented with the fragrance of hinoki (Japanese cypress) and seasonal cuisine featuring Sanriku seafood.
Komatsukan kofutei 022-354-5065 40 200 Outstanding view of the islands! Dinner is served in your room.
Hotel Daimatsuso 022-354-3601 41 196 Enjoy seafood dishes in rooms with views of the ocean. Only five minutes away from sightseeing locations. Matsushima Hot Springs
Matsu Bokkuri no Yado, Suishotei 022-354-3221 26 145 Savor seafood and rotenburo baths open to the sea breezes.
Palace Matsushima 022-354-2106 24 132 We offer pleasant scenery, pleasant flavors, and pleasant hospitality.
Hotel Zekkei no Yakata 022-354-3851 27 120 Enjoy one of the world's greatest landscapes right from your room. Matsushima Hot Springs
Breezbay Seaside Resort Matsushima 022-353-8333 43 120 A resort hotel that blends right into Matsushima's natural scenery.
Ryokan Hikari 022-354-2505 18 86 We're renowned for our delicious seafood!
Hotel Ubudo 022-355-0022 26 78 Guest rooms with private rotenburo and baths with a view are both available.  Matsushima Hot Springs
Hotel Sakan Shoan 022-354-3111 11 77 Eleven luxurious guest rooms surrounded by a pine grove on a secluded cape.
Ryokan Seiunkaku 022-353-8501 12 65 Famous for beautiful cherry blossoms and lilies, this hotel offers warm hospitality and fresh seafood.
Yu no Hara Onsen Moto Yu Reisentei 022-354-2323 30 50 Equipped with communal kitchens and hot water baths in the same style as when the facility opened over 200 years ago. Matsushima Hot Springs
Ryokan Motomiso 022-354-3511 10 38 Customers are free to bring their own meals. Those staying with meal plans will be served delicious seafood.
Petite Hotel Bistro Abalon 022-354-5777 13 30 French-style kaiseki meals centered on South Sanriku seafood
Smile Hotel Shiogamal 022-363-7711 107 141 Located in Shiogama, the sushi city. Convenient for sightseeing around Matsushima. (Shiogama City)
Hotel Urashimasou 022-366-2131 21 86 Our two private baths can be reserved and are extremely popular! We pride ourselves on our seafood dishes. (Rifu Town)
Hotel Castle Plaza Tagajyo 022-367-1111 161 167 Reasonably-priced business hotel (Tagajo City)
Hotel Grand Palace Shiogama 022-367-3111 36 50 Shiogama's only general hotel. Conveniently located in the heart of Shiogama next to Hon-Shiogama Station. (Shiogama City)

Matsushima Hot Springs

Hotel is equipped with onsen (hot springs).