(Schedule is subject to change without notice.)

Hiyoshi Sanno Jinja Shrine festival

(Third Sunday in April)

Shiogama Minato Festival

(Third Monday in July)

The Memorial ceremony of Hiyokuzuka

(August 6)

Matsushima Ryuutoe Umi-no-Bon(Bon Festival of the Sea)

(August 15)

Zuiganji Osegakie(Procession of Buddhist Priests and Ceremony)

(August 16)

Full Moon Festival at Kanrantei

(Evening hours and performance the weekend closest to the Harvest Moon)

Matsushima Fall Light Up

(Late October - Late November)

Isojima Island Oyster Festival

(November 23)

Zuiganji korin-sama

(December 31)

Matsushima Oyster Festival

(first Sunday in February)


Kyouhei Fujita Museum of Glass

Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass

This display of glass exhibits is laid out in accordance to the theme of "a museum of oceans, glass, and gardens." One hundred works created by Mr. Fujita, who was selected as a Person of Cultural Merits in 1997, are on display at any one time.

Admission Hours
General: ¥1,200 April – October:
8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Elementary/junior high/
high school students: ¥700
November – March:
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Michinoku Date Masamune Historical Museum

Date Masamune Historical Museum

A historical museum about the life of Date Masamune, one of the heroes of Japan's Warring States period. Date's eventful life is faithfully recreated using over 200 life-sized wax figures in order to act out twenty-five famous scenes.

Admission Hours
Adults: ¥1,000 Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Elementary/Junior high/high school students: ¥500 Winter Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Matsushima Retro Hall

Matsushima Retro Gallery

View countless traditional Japanese toys such as menko (cards), marbles, and tin toys! With an interior that resembles a tamatebako (a cube-shaped origami model) straight out of the Taishō and Shōwa eras, this shop recreates the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Admission Hours
Adults: ¥350 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Junior high/high school students: ¥250
Elementary school students: ¥150

Aihara Shōten Bicycle Rental

Aihara Shoten Bicycle Rental

Cost Hours
¥500 for two hours,¥250 for each additional hour. 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
A deposit of ¥1,000 is also required, which will be given back upon return of the bicycle
Sightseeing Boats

Regular roundtrip around-the-bay course

Regular roundtrip around-the-bay course (starts and ends at Matsushima)

Matsushima Shimameguri Kankosen Kigyo Kumiai

Regular roundtrip course between Matsushima Bay and Shiogama Bay

Regular roundtrip course between Matsushima Bay and Shiogama Bay

Marubun Matsushima Kisen

New Matsushima Kankosen

Roundtrip cruises between Matsushima and Oku-Matsushima Sagakei Cliffs

Matsushima Shimameguri Kankosen Kigyo Kumiai

* Each company offers a number of different cruises. Please check their respective sites for more information.

Matsushima Shimameguri Kankosen Kigyo Kumiai
Marubun Matsushima Kisen
New Matsushima Kankosen