Matsushima, one of Japan's three most scenic spots



(Schedule is subject to change without notice.)

Hiyoshi Sanno Jinja Shrine festival

Apr.20.2014(Third Sunday in April)

Shiogama Minato Festival

Jul.21.2014(Third Monday in July)

The Memorial ceremony of Hiyokuzuka

(August 6)



Zuiganji Osegakie(It's a Buddhist ceremony)

(August 16)

Matsushima Ryuutoe Umi-no-Bon

(August 15)

Autumn of Moon in Kanrantei

(Weekend closest to the Harvest Moon)

Illumination of Matsushima

(Late October - Late November)

Oyster Festival in Isojima Island

(November 23)

Zuiganji korin-sama

(December 31)

Matsushima Oyster Festival

(first Saturday & Sunday in February)

 Matsushima is Reviving!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the tremendous support and encouragement you’ve been giving us. 

On March 11, 2011, we experienced the most disastrous earthquake and tsunami in Japan’s modern history.  The Tohoku earthquake and the subsequent tsunami and crisis at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant caused enormous damage in the municipalities located along coastal areas of northeastern Japan. Although Matsushima suffered from the aftermath of the disaster, tsunami damage was relatively minimal thanks to the islands surrounding and shielding the bay. 

More than nine months have passed since our region was hit by the tsunami, and we are happy to report that things have almost returned to normal. Tourists have returned, all of whom have noted that they feel perfectly safe and comfortable in Matsushima. Those visitors who happened to be here during the tsunami were able to safely return home, and Matsushima is not within the radiation contamination area. So, if you are thinking of planning a trip to lovely Matsushima, please rest assured that you have nothing to fear.

The majority of the famous attractions are operated as they were before, and an unchanged panoramic view continues to attract many visitors.

 Please do visit Miyagi-Matsushima as we believe that your visit will boost our recovery. We look forward to seeing you soon! 


Thank you very much. 



The most beautiful view in all Japan

Matsushima that has been written in Waka(Japanese poetry) since ancient times is well known as the place to dazzle sophisticated individuals every years to come. Matsuo Basho, a poet, once wrote in his famous work "The Narrow Road to the Deep North" extolled Matsushima Bay formed by more than 260 motley kinds of islands having different shapes and sizes. Matsushima as it has been called one of the most representative places in Japan that can offer the view with many beautiful islands truly brings the splendid and exhilarating time with each seasons come.

Hills recognized as Shitaikan(Four Panoramic Views) overlooking the ocean with islands and famous view spots like Saigyo Modoshi No Matsu Park or cruising around Matsushima Bay……etc, Surely you can spend the soothing time in Matsushima.

If you have some interests in history of Matsushima, there are variety of historical and cultural sites remaining from the time of the feudal lord Date Masamune including Zuiganji Temple,Godaid,Entsuin,Tenrinin and Kanrantei and in addition to those historical sites, Date Masamune Historical Museum,Belgium Orgel Museum and Kyouhei Fujita Museum of Glass always give the rewarding and memorable moment.






Local Specialties

Local Specialties