Please tell me about sightseeing boats. 

Two companies offer sightseeing boats: Matsushimashimameguri-Kankosen offers a round-trip cruise of Matsushima Bay, and Marubun Matsushima Kisen offers a one-way cruise between Matsushima and Shiogama. Both courses take 50 minutes. Fare: 1500 yen for adults, 750 yen for children (6 to 11 years old)

Please tell me about accomodations at hot springs.

There are seven Matsushima hot spring hotels: Hotel Ubudo, Matsushima Ichinobo, Hotel Sohkan, Matsushima Century Hotel, Zekkei-no-Yakata, Komatsukan Kofutei, and Hotel Daimatsuso. For more details please contact each hotel directly.

Are there any facilities where children can play?

There are toys available for children at the Matsushima Retro Gallery and on the sightseeing boats. Children will also enjoy painting kokeshi dolls or grilling kamaboko fish cakes.

Are there private parking lots for the sightseeing boat companies?

There are not private parking lots for sightseeing boat companies or for Zuiganji Temple, Entsuin Temple, Kanrantei Tea House, and Godaido Temple; however, there are several pay parking lots available. 

Is there a parking lot for large buses ?

Matsushima Koen Parking Lot 2 is accessible for large buses. The fee is 1000 yen for the first 3 hours then an additional 300 yen per hour. Please direct further inquiries to 022-353-4344.

Are wheelchairs available for rent ?

The Matsushima Tourism Association has 3 complimentary wheelchairs. We do not accept wheelchair advance reservations. 

Are there any wheelchair-accessible facilities?

The Date Masamune Historial Museum, Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass, Matsushima Fish Market and sightseeing boats are all wheelchair accessible. Unfortunately, Zuiganji Temple is not currently wheelchair accessible; however, Seiryuden, the Zuiganji Temple Museum, is. Because Godaido Temple is on an island that is only accessible by stairs and slat bridges, it is not wheelchair accessible. The entry area to Entsuin Temple is wheelchair accessible; however, due to several stairs the rest of the temple is not wheelchair accessible. The garden area of Kanrantei Tea House and the nearby Matsushima Museum are wheelchair accessible.

Are there any wheelchair-accessible restrooms?

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms can be found in the following areas: Matsushimakaigan Rest House, Matsushima Parking Lot 1, Matsushima Koen Parking Lot 5, the Matsushima Green Area, Saigyo Modoshi no Matsu park, Matsushima Shopping Center, Kyohei Fujita Museum of Glass, Matsushima Fish Market, Date Masamune Historical Museum, JR Matsushimakaigan Station, JR Matsushima Station, Teramachi Komichi, and Fukuurajima Island. 

Are there bicycle rentals available?

1.Aihara Shoten shop near JR Matsushimakaigan Station rents bicycles. There is a 1000 yen deposit that is refundable when you return the bicycle. The rental fee is 500 yen per 2 hours. 

2.Matsushima RIkyu rents bicycles for 600 yen for 2hours near JR Matsushimakaigan Station.

Please tell me how to get Matsushima from Hiraizumi.

[ By car ]

Tohoku Expressway Maesawa I.C.→Taiwa I.C.→Route 9 for Matsushima. Tohoku Epressway Tomiya J.C.T.→Sendai Hokubu Road→Sanriku Expressway Matsushimakaigan I.C.→Route 144 for Matsushima (90 minutes)

[ By JR train ]

JR Tohoku Line Hiraizumi Station→JR Ichinoseki Station→JR Matsushima Station and a 25 minute walk or a 5 minute taxi ride will bring you to the center of town. It takes approximately 90 minutes from Hiraizumi to Matsushima. Transfer at JR Kogota Station is required depending on the time. Please check the JR Tohoku Line timetable.

[ By bus ]

It is approximately 55 minutes from Hiraizumi to Matsushima. For further information please check the Iwatekenpoku Bus Company website.

Please tell me how to get Risshakuji (Yamadera Temple) from Matsushima.

[ By car ]

Sanriku Expressway Matsushima Kaigan I.C.→Sendai Tobu Road→Sendai Nanbu Road→Tohoku Expressway→Yamagata Expressway Yamagata Kita I.C.(90 minutes)→Risshakuji (Yamadera Temple)

[ By JR train ]

It takes approximately 40 minutes from JR Matsushimakaigan Station to JR Sendai Station on the Senseki Line and approximately 50 minutes from JR Sendai Station to JR Yamadera Station on the Senzan Line.

Please tell me how to get to Matsushima from Sendai Airport.

[ By car ]

Sendai Tobu Road Sendai Airport I.C.→Sanriku Expressway Matsushima Kaigan I.C.(40 minutes)

[ By train ]

Sendai Airport Access Line Sendai Airport Station→JR Sendai Station(17 minutes)→transfer at JR Senseki Line→JR Matsushimakaigan Station(40 minutes)

[ By bus ]

Sendai Airport→Matsushima For further information please check the Iwatekenpoku Bus Company website.

Is there luggage storage ?

Coin lockers are availabe at JR Matsushimakaigan Station, JR Matsushima Station, Date Masamune Historical Museum, Matsushima-rikyu Umi-no-eki and Matsushimakaigan Rest House. Large luggage will be kept at the Matsushima Tourism Assosiation for 700yen.

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